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Gary Pertle joins Cooper Oates Air Conditioning as Project Manager

COAC's New Project Manager, Gary Pertle

COAC’s New Project Manager, Gary Pertle

SACRAMENTO, CA.  August 5, 2016  –  Cooper Oates Air Conditioning (COAC), Northern California’s premier commercial mechanical contractor, is pleased to announce HVAC Industry veteran, Gary Pertle, has joined the team as Project Manager, Special Projects. Prior to joining COAC, Gary was the Director of the Center for Employment Training, a highly successful employment training center. Gary’s wealth of experience includes being an accredited HVAC instructor, an HVAC service business owner and a facility manager.

COAC’s President, Ruzwa Cooper, “We are excited about Gary joining the team. He brings with him a 360 degree perspective to the mechanical contracting industry. As an instructor, business owner and a facility manager, Gary has direct experience in all the challenges facing building owners and managers. We hope to also tap Gary’s vast training expertise to ensure our field personnel are cross-trained and constantly up-to-speed on the latest strategies for effectively and safely serving our customers.”

As COAC’s service­ maintenance portfolio grows, Gary’s unique insight and experience will allow us to more effectively serve our property managers and owners.


Preparing For a Future Without Any R-22

R-22 bannedThe EPA’s release of the R-22 phaseout schedule has provided a better idea of how fast R-22 refrigerant will be eliminated. Building owners and managers can now plan for it over the next few years. A big part of that preparation is education.

R-22 will be gone soon so now is the time to make decisions about your HVAC equipment. In Sacramento, 70-80% of commercial buildings still have R-22 systems in operation. Whats your plan?

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Dealing with HVAC Noise Complaints

Bothersome HVAC noises aren’t just annoying for occupants, they can also indicate HVAC dysfunction. Examine possible causes to determine where the problem lies. You may end up with a solution that can both save energy and contribute to occupant satisfaction and productivity.  Read More Here

HVAC Noise pathways

A Cool Idea – Electricity Free Air Conditioning

New materials may change the way temperatures are regulated


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A Stanford University research team has invented a way for buildings to dump their heat without the needs for pumps, fans or compressors. This idea, described in a recent issue of Nature, is simple and provocative – radiate the heat back into space. The materials used for this process are still in the prototype stage and in the end would probably not eliminate all of a building’s cooling needs. The idea could be the start of something really cool.  Read More Here.


HVAC Retirement – To plan or not to plan

The end is coming! The question is, is it better to plan for HVAC replacement or endure the disruption when it occurs.

Old HVAC Ready for Retirement Replacing or upgrading an HVAC unit is never an easy decision, unless that decision has already been made for you due to the unit failing. Many building owners and managers are reactive when it comes to their HVAC systems. Something changes (no air, no cool, no warm etc…) then action is taken to correct the failure or replace the unrepairable unit. Even with diligent and meticulous maintenance HVAC has a finite lifespan and it will fail eventually. The real decision with managing the HVAC assets is will you manage them or will they manage you.

We suggest that you take control and manage these remarkable and quite vital assets. Whether the units are old and running on borrowed time due to the increasing shortage of R-22 refrigerant, you are looking to increase the buildings value and marketability or just want to save energy, taking control will pay off in many ways. Have a plan in place that allows you to be pro-active about your replacement strategy and that fits you budget. Thinking strategically about your HVAC assets is proving to be more economical over the long run than reacting to emergencies.

COAC can provide you with information and expert advice that will guide you through your decision process. Detailed unit evaluations, pre & post energy use modeling, maintenance and replacement planning and financing are just some of the ways we can assist you in taking control. To plan or not to plan, it’s up to you.

Read more about replacing or repairing here.

10 Steps To Energy Efficient Buildings

10 steps graphic36% of the US electricity usage is drawn by commercial building space and 18% of the entire country’s energy consumption, and its pretty certain that a good portion of that is wasted. This Wall Street Journal article lists 10 relatively simple – and often inexpensive- ways  to slash energy use in your buildings. Read More and Save Energy Here



Thermal Discomfort: Understanding the Root Causes Increases Tenant Comfort and Energy Savings

Mechanical Contractor, HVAC, Air Conditioning, Cooling & HeatingIt’s true, when it comes to temperature comfort, you will never be able to make everyone happy or  influence personal factors such as clothing or individual metabolism. But if you ignore thermal dissatisfaction complaints, it could cost you in the long run in both tenant satisfaction and energy consumption.

This article from Buildings Magazine will help you understand the four underlying causes of thermal discomfort. With this insight, you can take an investigative approach and make adjustments that satisfy occupants and your budget. Read More

COAC Welcomes Industry Veterans

COAC is delighted to welcome two industry veterans to the organization, Cyndi Soares and Gary Storck, P.E. Cyndi joins the team as a Senior Account Manager while Gary takes on the responsibilities of Principal Engineer. Gary is replacing long-time COAC Engineer, Steve Van Riessen.

COAC, HVAC, Mechanical Contractor,

Cyndi Soares, Senior Account Manager

Cyndi started her HVAC career in 2002 at Airco Commercial where received extensive training through the LINC system on all mechanical equipment including chillers, boilers, and package units, built-up systems, cooling towers, water treatment and ALC controls.  She quickly showed her aptitude and abilities by being the first maintenance diamond award winner for the Sacramento branch.  Cyndi’s career then advanced her into building retro-commissioning where she focused her client base in San Francisco Bay area and was very successful with buildings 50,000 square feet or bigger. Cyndi’s success has been driven by her ability to bring her clients creative solutions to help overcome their most challenging building issues, she continues that strategy at COAC.

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Gary Storck, PE/CEM/GBE

As a Registered Professional Mechanical Engineer, a Certified Energy Manager and a Green Building Engineer, Gary brings to COAC over 22 years designing, installing, retrofitting, and managing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for commercial, industrial, healthcare, educational, and governmental customers. Recently, Gary worked at the NASA Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, CA. as the Chief Maintenance Engineer for the entire Maintenance Engineering and Technical Services department of over 200+ buildings. Over the course of his extensive career he has earned 2 patents, one for a raised floor air distribution unit for data centers and the other for a cryogenic cogeneration system. Gary’s engineering specialties include energy conservation/management; turn-key design/build; building controls systems (DDC/BAS/EMS); supercomputer facilities, data centers, and server rooms; HVAC systems; large campus/building plant systems; solar thermal and photovoltaic; refrigeration systems; system Integration.

Your Green Guy

Bill Schmalzel COAC Energy Services Director

Your Green Guy 

Bill Schmalzel
COAC Energy Services Dir.

You need a knowledgeable guide to navigate the complexities of any energy upgrade project. That “green guy” is Bill Schmalzel of Cooper Oates Air Conditioning.

LEED AP logoBill is Certified Project Manager, a Certified Green Building Professional, a LEED  AP, is a licensed real estate broker, and a California State Licensed Contractor. There is no one better to guide you through your energy upgrades from concept through project delivery.

Ygrene Certified Contractor LogoBill recently completed the Ygrene training and is now one of the few certified Clean Energy Sacramento Program Contractors. “Now is the time to take advantage of this unique funding mechanism to make your building more efficient, increase occupancy rates, and reduce your energy usage every month” explains Bill.  Contact Bill at 916.381.4611 or bschmalzel@coacair.com.