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Game Changing Technology: Transformative Wave’s Catalyst Roof Top RTU Energy Solution

Catalyst RTU Solution by Transformative WaveMore Than A VFD, Transformative Wave’s CATALYST Verified as Powerful New Way to Save Energy with Rooftop HVAC Units.

Most commercial buildings are cooled by packaged rooftop units (RTUs), but RTUs have a problem: Their fans run at full power, even when cooling demands are low. A few years ago, retrofit kits – like Catalyst – hit the market. These kits enabled building operators to upgrade their existing single-zone RTUs to variable-air-volume operation with claimed HVAC savings of 25 to 50 percent.

Originally, these claims were greeted with much skepticism, but independent tests keep bearing out vendor assertions. In 2013, US Dept. of Energy’s Advanced Rooftop Control (ARC) Retrofit: Field-Test Results (PDF) verified savings and demonstrated that these products- especially Transformative Wave’s Catalyst – are ready for prime time. Read Article Here

Editor’s Note:  Cooper Oates Air Conditioning is a certified Transformative Wave Affiliate, offering the Catalyst solution to building owners, property managers and facility engineers throughout the Sacramento Region. For information on how this RTU energy saving solution can work for you, contact info@coacair.com or download the Catalyst Brochure here.

Power Tracking Captures More CAM

PTABs gives you more control and accuracy
over tenant power billing and tracking
Cooper Oates Air Conditioning has pioneered and maintained an automated Power Tracking & Billing System called pTabs™. The Power Tracking and Billing System is particularly valuable for large buildings with Class A tenants since power is tracked for both lease hours and after-hours use. Building owners can recoup electricity costs by tenant for all or a portion of the space. pTabs™ provides building owners and managers with:

  • Track After-Hours Power Use
  • Recouping Electricity Costs by Tenant
  • Real-time Building Performance Data
  • Historical Tracking

Gain more control over your building utility expenses and capture more accurate power use billing with pTabs™.  READ MORE HERE

Building Operations: The First Place To Look To Improve Energy Performance

Improve building energy performance The enduring fact remains that no matter how good a piece of equipment is, no matter how well a building is designed and no matter how much money is spent, all it takes is one override of the HVAC controls to throw off energy efficiency efforts.      READ MORE