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Bob Knows: Winter Building Preparations

Robert Plotner Vice President Service Operations

There are many things to consider when preparing for winter operation of any building, but keep in mind these shoulder months offer a huge opportunity for energy saving.

As we approach the heating season, we need to be checking the heating cycles on all the air conditioning equipment, paying particular attention to the operation of the boilers. During the early hours of the morning heating may be needed to take the chill off but in the afternoon there may be a need for cooling.  A well-tuned building will only use the amount of heating and cooling needed to make the building comfortable.  Too often we find a building is overheating and overcooling and sometimes heating and cooling at the same time, missing out on a tremendous amount of energy savings.

Besides the HVAC systems, building owners should check and clear all roof drains, remove all roof debris and look for cracks or bubbles in the roofing that may indicate problems.  As a service for our customers, our technicians report any issues they may see while they are on the roof of any building, but a thorough exam should be on your winter prep list.

Don’t wait until you have bigger problems at critical times, now is the time to test and review your systems and insure that energy expenses are minimized and tenant comfort is protected. If you have any questions about your HVAC winter preparations, feel free to contact me directly.

Bob Plotner,
Vice President, Service Operations



COAC’s Original Footage of the “Amazing Amazon HVAC Airlift” to be featured on a CNBC Documentary, “Amazon Rising” this Sunday @ 6pm PST

Amazon, CNBC, HVAC, HelicopterRecently, COAC was contacted by an Associate Producer from CNBC. The producer explained that they were in production on a documentary about the incredible growth of Amazon and needed some footage that demonstrated the scale of the growth.

They had been tipped off by the Corporate Amazon PR Department to watch COAC’s video of the massive helicopter lift we accomplished for the new Amazon Fulfillment Center in Tracy CA, and gave us a call.

In our conversations with the producer, we agreed to provide a selection of still images and the raw footage in exchange for a credit at the end of the documentary.

We are very excited to see our work on a national show and were just told that our footage made the final edit.

If you have a moment this Sunday, June 29th at 6:00pm, we invite you to give a watch. Amazon is a fascinating company and we think our footage and stills will make the program worth your time (at least for us it will be).

Link to original video below:


110 Years of Modern Air Conditioning

It started as an invention to control humidity in a New York printing plant in 1902 and turned into technology that forever changed the way people around the world live, work and play. July 17th marks the 110th anniversary of the invention of modern air conditioning by Dr. Willis H. Carrier, inventor and founder of Carrier.

On July 17, 1902, Carrier, a young research engineer just a year out of Cornell University, finalized the design to stabilize the humidity in the air so the dimensions of the paper at the Sackett & Wilhelms Lithography and Printing Company in Brooklyn, N.Y., would remain constant throughout the printing process.

Since then modern air conditioning has been applied to everything from malls to manufacturing facilities, buses to businesses and houses to hospitals.

“In the early 1900s, air conditioning was primarily an industrial application that enabled countless industries to thrive with candy-making companies, textile mills and theaters some of the most enthusiastic early adopters,” says Geraud Darnis, president & CEO, UTC Climate, Controls & Security. “Over the years, Carrier’s innovations looked to make possible what was previously impossible. Today our focus remains true to our heritage as we continually push the envelope to create energy efficient, environmentally responsible products for both commercial and residential applications in all areas of the world.”

A leading engineer of his time, Carrier filed more than 80 patents over the course of his career.

“At 25 years old, Willis Carrier’s foresight forever changed the world and paved the way for more than a century of once-impossible innovations,” Darnis said. “His genius created an entire industry essential to global productivity and personal comfort.”