LEED/Green Building

Keeping System Efficiency in the Forefront

Green, sustainable, high-power building is the goal of the US Green Building Council and seems to be the future of the construction industry. Not only has Cooper Oates been a member of USGBC since 2009, but we have also participated in numerous LEED projects, both ground-up and retrofit. Though there are many vital elements in any LEED certified building such as natural light, landscaping, acoustic privacy, conservation of natural resources, and the use of non-toxic building materials, the Indoor Environmental Quality score combined with the Energy and Atmosphere score accounts for 40%, the largest slice of the LEED rating.

Cooper Oates has long known that optimal interior air quality can translate into many benefits for both tenants and building owners including a reduction of employee absenteeism, employees that feel more productive and comfortable, and major energy savings. While these are well-publicized components of LEED certification, the old-fashioned principles of forethought and efficiency are brought to every Cooper Oates project, not just those in LEED competition.

We Keep Your Long-Term Goals in Mind

Cooper Oates helps clients plan with the long-term in mind. What may seem more expensive at first may in fact be a better value in the long run. Our experience tells us when a cheap solution is a merely a misuse of money. We know that the time spent in good planning is the basis of efficient energy systems. We don’t like waste any more than you do.

Although our LEED certified personnel are highly knowledgeable about today’s green building concepts, Cooper Oates has practiced sustainability since its founding days. We don’t like to be careless with anyone’s resources.

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