Community Impact

Going the Extra Mile: Fostering the Community We Serve

Since our inception in 1972 and before it was “standard practice,” Cooper Oates fostered a healthy respect for the environment and its resources.  What our founders called “not being wasteful” and “careful spending,” our industry now considers vital to building sustainability.  This respect for our community is built into everything we do and every project we design.

The team at Cooper Oates also participates in many charity events and is a regular contributor to industry educational foundations and associations. One of our core values is to support the community and the industry that sustains us.  Our interest in supporting the passions of our employees has opened us to wonderful experiences and introduced us to a world of amazing people.

For the past several years we have been a sponsor of Ride for Hope which is an event that is particularly meaningful to our founders, as it focuses on children effected by AIDS in East Africa which is where the Cooper family emigrated from in 1971.