Fabrication Capabilities

Solutions Through Fabrication Design

Cooper Oates provides customized solutions for heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems, plumbing and hydronics.  Our expert craftsmen generate precision work, on time and on budget.  Our in-house capabilities mean your project is protected from subcontractor mistakes and delays.  

This includes:

As Cooper Oates grew and took on more retrofits and special projects, we realized how beneficial it was to our customers to create our own fabrication department. Our 15,000 sq ft warehouse is the site of our in-house fabrication workshop.  A precision plasma cutter, a welding shop, and specialized pipe fitting equipment mean that we can produce our own duct, plumbing, and piping assemblies, as well as customized packaged skids. 

Our fabrication capabilities mean that we can create solutions all the way from basic plumbing to complex mechanical systems that service an entire facility. Our in-house team of experienced craftsmen has tight control over the quality of each element. Even more important to scheduling and ultimately the bottom line of a project, creating our own duct work, pipe assemblies and customized skids keeps us safe from subcontractor delays and surcharges.  This can be especially important if modifications are needed once work is underway.