Planned Maintenance for Your Commercial Mechanical System

Why Do You Need a Preventative Maintenance Agreement?

A surprising number of buildings and properties in the United States have mechanical systems that are only inspected after they break down. This is called “running to failure.” Not only is this an unpredictable way to do business, but it also places undue strain on the building operations, the equipment, the budget, and the facility manager. Leaving your mechanical system to “fend for itself” can also increase energy costs by as much as 25%.   

At Cooper Oates, we not only encourage Preventative Maintenance Agreements (PMA), we tailor each contract to each property we service. The PMA is a guarantee that your property will be inspected, maintained, and repaired regularly. When Cooper Oates monitors your mechanical system year-round, you know that you will not be surprised by enormous replacement expenses. We will suggest ways to increase the efficiency of your current system, lengthen its lifetime, and allow you to plan for system or unit replacement.     

Cooper Oates Provides Timely and Accurate HVAC and Plumbing Maintenance 

When you work with us to create a Preventative Maintenance program, we ensure that the contract is easy for you to monitor, that you will be given a detailed description of all maintenance work performed or needed, and that we deliver maintenance on a schedule that is convenient to you. Our technicians provide timely, professional, and reliable service. 

We Have Your Best Interest in Mind

But not even an ideal mechanical system can last forever. Wear and tear, weather and rust, as well as technological advances in the building industry can all render a system inefficient or outdated. When you need more than maintenance, our system designers can work with you to create an affordable way to phase in new equipment and/or technology. For clients who have received proper maintenance, it is unusual for a premature failure that would require the complete replacement of a system. We search for ways to keep the functioning parts of your system working for as long as possible. Our extensive knowledge of industry trends and technology means that our clients can relax and trust Cooper Oates to recommend timely and cost-saving upgrades.

We service all types of heating, cooling and plumbing equipment in businesses and properties of all shapes and sizes. Call Cooper Oates at (916) 381-4611 to find out more about Preventative Maintenance Agreement options for your facility.