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Jessika Bell

Service Operations Manager

Jessika Bell joined the Cooper Oates family in 2015 and became Service Operations Manager in 2020. Born in New Jersey and raised in New Mexico before making her way to Sacramento in 1995, Jessika has been passionate about the service industry her whole life.

Professional Experience

Jessika took her first job in the food and beverage industry at 13, which is where she discovered her love of customer service. Over time Jessika held every position in the restaurant, from Hostess to General Manager, believing as a leader, it is important to have done the jobs herself before asking others to do them.

In 2012 Jessika began working for a major communications company, it was here she developed an understanding of manpower as a mathematical measurement and was instrumental in shortening customer wait time from eight hours to a 2-hour time frame, creating a big win for customer service.

With 25 years of customer service experience, Jessika brings her passion for providing thoughtful solutions, efficient processes, and complete customer care to the Cooper Oates team.